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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Okay, I've been a bum about updating, and this blog may well just remain here and be blah. Meanwhile, may i direct you to my livejournal? Yes, I finally succumbed, so I could leave comments on Fred's lj. That's most likely where I'll be posting updates, especially once I go abroad to Beijing next semester. So, check out http://www.livejournal.com/users/rhythmia please.

Saturday, August 07, 2004

Yesterday....was niiiiiice. My Queen was home for the weekend from Davis, we got together with Husband and Toe and a couple of their friends, and OMG Linh was there!!! I hadn't seen her since she graduated from ST three years ago. Turns out she's in LA, and Alice will be there too, so I think I'll have to bug her next semester...

Decided to get a little dressed up for fun, and we ended up going to the "meat market" that is our local mall, since Husband felt like shopping. It's weird, going there and realizing practically every youth there is in high school. When we were high schoolers, everyone was older than us, somehow. Now we're older than all the cute guys, hehe. Teased some of the others about cradle-robbing. Had Coldstone ice cream, yummy. With Toe in the conversation it descended into gutterness for a little while, but that's all right. I've built up a tolerance, what with having friends like Jessie and Trish at Scripps. :P

While the rest of the group was shopping for reals (I never realized some of my friends were so incredibly....girly before) Milady and I wandered around in the same store, goggling at the style of clothes a little, at the price versus the quality a lot. Heh. The two of us are rather more conservative in our dress than the rest of American society, I think. I don't mind looking sexy or nice, but I don't need to show everything to be that way, thank you very much. We joked that our fashion just wasn't of this era. It was either waaaay way in the past, or way way in the future. XD Also! Got lots of ideas for knitting and crocheting projects, wraps and hats and shirts and things. Fred, if you're reading this, I've found a pattern for a tartan for scarves. Fairisle knit, I believe. So if you tell me or preferably, show me what tartan you want, one of these days I'll be able to make you that scarf!

After the shopping, we went to the Tapioca place near Husband's house. Mmmm. Mango milk pearl tea, yumyum. And then to Husband's place, for talking, and photos and stuff. And predictably, discussion that somehow led to batteries. And the fact that Energizer keeps going and going and going....*facepalm* *laughs anyway* If my friends don't mind, I might post the photos we took. Maybe.

And late, hung out at the Queen's. Twas lovely. More silly pics, and Arabic coffee! It's called...awora(glottal stop) aneb, I think. Sadly my cup didn't have enough silt in it to make much of a pattern for fortune telling. Oh! and grape leaves with stuff in the wraps. Yum. We talked, it was nice. She'll be back next weekend too, so maybe we can go hiking, or some outside non-shopping activity. XD Fred, you were here in spirit. And you too, Funky.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

No Pity. No Shame. No Silence.

There go I, but for the grace of...Somebody. To the best of my knowledge, I've never been assaulted, sexually or otherwise. But people that I know and care about, women and men, have had other human beings abuse them, assault them, rape them. Their stories are not mine to tell. Perhaps luckily, perhaps only because I am dense, perhaps because we live in a culture of silence on these things, the stories I *do* personally know are few.

So. I cannot personally bear witness to being a survivor. But I can stand up and say that I am an ally, a support. And that we must raise awareness, so that no one can be made to feel and believe that they are alone, that no one would believe. Someone on that lj thread mentioned that the statistic was 1 in 4 women have been raped/sexually assaulted. Someone else believes the number to be *inverted*, in their experience.

Something else to think about: suppose people, men and women, who have been sexually assaulted (in the various ways the people on the thread tried to define it) turned blue for a day, or did something in solidarity. I believe there would be more than the statistics say.

And if the people, men and women, who committed the assault(s), were to turn blue for a day, I believe there would be far more than you would think. Think about it.

I'm still pondering. Reading the threads has made for a sobering, anger-on-others'-behalf, depressing, and yes, hopeful experience. And I'm still wondering what I can do to contribute. Suggestions are welcome.

Monday, August 02, 2004


Materials needed:
-clean #2 1/2 can
-Bunsen burner
-ring and stand
-10 and 25 mL graduated cylinders
-150 *C thermometer
-thick stirring rod

-100 g sucrose
-80 g glucose solution
-25 mL tap water
-12 g solidified mixed esters
-0.5 g muriate of natrium
-70 g arachin, conarchin and olic-linoliac glycerides, aka protein pellets
-2 mL 4-hydroxy-3-methoxy-benzaldehyde
-5.5 g sal aerutus

What did we make?

Peanut brittle. Is it not beautiful? ^____^ *yum* Guess what's the modern common name of all those ingredients, and maybe I'll try and whip up a batch for you!

Saturday, July 31, 2004

A list. Because I haven't written in forever. And things need recording, or something. ^^ 'Ware the babblage!

As of today:
--Three (3) cases of computer deathage. Luckily solved, because mon copain rocks as an IT guy. --One (1) house completely repainted and the insides moved around like a cow in a tornado. Only less destructive, I think. My room is blue! And full of all my crap that used to litter the downstairs. Now it's all (mostly) in my room, hehe.
--Five (5) weeks of summer school at DeAnza completed. One to go! Chem, with a prof who's been teaching for 30+ years, the most bombastic man I've ever had the (mis)fortune to be a student of. He thinks he's funny....some of the time he's even right. But the labs are fun. Balls and sticks and HCl and NaOh. W00t. And singing, with the most awesome singing prof ever. Lots of Italian and learning how to sing properly. I learned a lot, and the songs are fun. ^__^

--the public transportation in this area isn't half bad, actually. I've spent a lot of time wandering around downtown as a result.
--visited the San Jose Museum of Art. It doth rock muchly. Will visit again before I leave, because there's an exhibit by Yoshitomo Nara, with this art of a sulky girl that looks disturbingly familiar
--visited the Tech Museum of Innovation with the bro. Yup, the perpetual motion ball machine thing is still there, cool as ever. Had my head scanned, designed a roller coaster, learned the history about DNA, rode a segway, played with programming a chip, wore drunk goggles, and saw a portrait of me on a screen as heat. Spiffiness.
--visited aunt, uncle and granma in Daly City at least once every weekend. Thus trips to Golden Gate park, Asian Art Museum (much coolness), all over San Fran included used book stores (yay!). Much spiffiness and shopping.

--Have become addicted to Milliway's Bar almost since it's conception. It's an online RPG. Given that it's the bar at the end of the universe, there's fictional characters from *everywhere*. Liz Bennett, Peter Pettigrew, Lucifer, charas from HP, Hard Core Logo, Lotr, Wheel of Time, Good Omens, yeah. Barbie is creeping me out, she's so scarily IC. Ophelia (Hamlet) and Kassandra (of Troy) and Drusilla (Buffy) are the resident crazy ladies who rock. Raph (TMNT) and Hob Gadling(Sandman) are cool. Yeah, this is the good crack. I'm so addicted, and I *never* follow RP. Mostly I used to only know of the tabletop ones (scary scary boys) and the rpg video games (yawn). I'm tempted to join myself. Hmmm. Maybe Tris Chandler or Briar Moss from Tamora Pierce's Magic Circle. ^^ [/mad pimpage]

--schemed with friends to have crazy video night once we get back to school. Involving Batman Beyond, Hard Core Logo, possibly Justice League, Teen Titans and Master and Commander as well. And I might be contributing some old Chinese movies. I think we should rewatch Talented Mr. Ripley, don't you Fred? ^_~ Oh! I have a Josh Groban PBS concert taped, I shall bring it!

--more schemes! Food! Dimsum! And I'm learning to cook, so I can cook for myself once school starts again. Maybe I'll eat more that way. ^^ Also, Olive Garden is very yummy. But not as yummy as the food my uncle and aunt cook.

--Have been chatted up/hit on at least three times. Which is just odd, considering my usual record is zero (0). It amuses me, and at least they're not like the clueless freshmen who try to be suave at parties. ^^;;;; Though they were all rather older. Um. eep. I think I want to buy a "Not Your Fetish" t-shirt from Diana now.....

--Read at least thirty (30) books. Revisiting my teenage years, so everything Tamora Pierce I can get my hands on. Various David Weber space/military type novels. e.e. cummings, which is all Erjika's fault. Mara, Daughter of the Nile is a cool historical fiction/spy/romance novel. Historical novels. Knitting and crocheting books. ^^ And ridiculously large amounts of fanfiction.
--made up one (1) fairy tale for my Queen as a bedtime story. If curious people prod me, I'll clean it up from the IM log and post it.
--vaguely sorta beta'd two stories/fics. FangedTauran, you still working on "Pronunciation"?

--Had one (1) garage sale. In which stuff, some of which is at least 15 years old, most of which used to be my and bro's playthings, goes on sale. Sold some stuff, at least. ^^ Will continue tomorrow.
--started playing piano again! whee! I can play a really simple (but pretty) Scarborough Fair and (not so pretty) Jingle Bells now. And working on Canon in D, most repetitive piece ever, but I like it. ^_^ Can't wait to play on the pianos at school. I owe it all to the evil influence of mon copain, really. and my mum. ^__^ Maybe I'll take guitar lessons at DeAnza once I graduate and live at home, so my bro's acoustic doesn't go to waste, heh.

--have had many good conversations this summer (several of them with mon copain. ^_^). it makes me happy. though i wish i were better at keeping in touch with my lunch bunch babes.

That is all. Perhaps I shall be more regular about writing in the near future. Hm.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

So, I went to the doctor today. Skip if you don't like TMI.

Finally got to see an ear, nose and throat doc today, since I've been shunted around various general practitioners for a while, since I didn't think what I had was that serious, though mum thought so. So a history: was sick since about March, after the PSICA concert, which involved much coughing and hacking that made me sound like I was dying and made people ask if I had SARS. *thwaps* So not funny. Anyway, the sick bit eventually went away, but the soreness of throat didn't. Baxter doctor gave me an inhaler that would theoretically make it so I wouldn't cough as much. I coughed *more* and stopped using it. Throat stayed ick. Visited a doctor back home, who suggested I take Robitussin DM to stop the coughing, which I *wasn't* *doing*, but my throat was still sore. Switched and tried again a couple weeks ago, this one gave me a referral and another inhaler and a post-nasal drip medicine. Yah, that's no good.

Today, the specialist. yay! Sprayed stuff in my nose to 1) make the nasal passages open wider and 2) numb the area and the throat. The first tasted yuck when it dripped down to my mouth, the second felt like when I inhaled orange juice once. Yeah. Once it kicked in, it felt so weird, since I couldn't feel myself swallow. Had to drink water in small sips so it wouldn't go down the wrong way. ^^ He came back and wheeled in this machine that has a long tube with a light and a camera in it, like when my mum got her stomach and esophagus looked at.

So he stuck the tube up my nose and down and around, to look at my throat and vocal passages. Felt really strange when he had me go "Hee" so it could get by my epiglottis, i bet. That's what it felt like, anyway.

Turns out I have an ulcer near my voice box. At first he said it was like a cold sore, and my reaction was "Whaaaat?! It's like a cold sore? It can COME BACK?!!" But he reassured me it was a result of trauma, not disease, heh. So, the doctor's orders? I can stop taking the medicines that aren't helping me at all, making things worse actually, and complete vocal rest for two weeks. No singing (alas) and as little talking as possible, since it stresses that area of my throat and vocal cords. yeah, I'm gonna have trouble, but I don't want to permanently kill my voice if it's gotten this bad. C'est la vie. Return checkup the day before I head back to school. ^^

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Yah, lots of recordering-type blogging today. Yesterday was....marvelous. Absolutely, mind-blowingly, warm fuzzy marvelous. ^___^ Lunch bunch, I love you all. Platonic!!! E, that's the word you were looking for, falling in love with someone but not romantically, learnt it in Neilson's (11th grade English) but I blocked it or forgot it. Though the word seems too...dry and distant. Whatever.

'twas me, Fred, Funky, Toe, and Husband. Queen was with us in spirit, since that's rather more cost effective that $20 worth of gas to drive here. :P Long dinner at BJ's, one of the new restaurants on the extended strip that was added to Oakridge. It's weird, the way Oakridge has gone almost...upscale, hehe. And that crazy carousel... So food. Yumness pizza and this thing called a...pizookie? Giant cookies in a mini-pizza pan with heaping scoops of icecream. Discussions of the wonderfulness of chocolate (endorphins!! *snickers*)and the cycles. Didn't know that guys had cycles like women, though I swear I know guys who get PMS though that's not quite the same. Testosterone cycle, though instead of PMS and monthly bleeding its a horniness cycle. XD I love having friends who just know a lot of random stuff. Since some of us hadn't seen each other since freshman year, there was a lot to talk about. Such as what we think's changed the most and least of us since graduating high school. Tho mentioned--we stopped using "like" as much! *laughs* Too true, helps to have intelligent conversation all around us. For me...most changed, I'm more likely to stand up for myself and what I believe in on the one hand, and more able to let things go and flow on the other hand. Stayed the same...I was trying to think, and Fred said "my melon-ness." *grins and huggles to fred* I decided it was my utter smartassyness, which has never changed, just varied in how much I showed to others, hehe. And apparently I swear now more than I used to, heheh.

Went to watch movie afterwards, Fred had her heart set on PoA, and I'd brought copperbadge's Naughty Spoilers which are hilarious, but we ended up seeing Shrek 2. And we didn't regret it one bit, it was so good! Better than the first one, even. oh, i wish I could gush but I don't want to spoil anything. They had digs at *everything*, it was so funny. And Puss in Boots! *fangirls* Antonio Banderas as Puss. *snorts* And, hehe, a picture of "Sir Justin". *dies* If you watch it, stay through the credits, you won't regret the extra bits. Hee.

Hopefully Fred and I can get together Friday to watch PoA, but we'll have to see. I hope so, since she goes back to SD on Saturday. Ah, my friends, my friends, you are so wonderful. More than friends, really, companions of my heart. Muah. 'm off, before I get any mushier and you have to peel me off my chair with a spatula. ^_^ *hugs*

Okay, in happier news, a further update of SD trip-last Tuesday and Wednesday. Tuesday was busy, what with taking a long trip to downtown San Diego. *snerk* We walked the couple miles to the post office to drop off E's mail (I'd finished my crocheted scarf while he finished writing, whee! I'm not sure I like how it looks though...) and from there down H street to the trolley station. Had lunch at this...taco place? I forget what it's called. It's based in Tijuana and stretched it's little franchise over the border. Was very yummy. Little tortillas with meat and guacamole and cheese. We had an entertaining conversation over how to tell the difference from Mexican and Chinese restaurants that are 'homestyle', 'real' Mexican and Chinese food from the junk food places. :P According to him, as long as he doesn't try to think of Taco Bell as wannabe Mexican food, just as junk food, he can eat it fine. XD I'm afraid I can't get the same kind of distance with food from, say, Panda Express. *shudders*

Took the trolley down to SD, after seeing, what, five going in the opposite direction in prep for rush hour. It took *forever* to get there, since apparently there was an *earthquake* nearby and everything was running slow. O.O With the jostling of the crowded trolley, we didn't even notice. :P We finally got to SD and hung out at Seaport Village for a grand total of about...oh, twenty minutes before having to head back in time for his sister Gloria's band thing at the roller rink. ^_^;;;;; However, had ice cream (eep! $_$) and looked at entertaining shops, like one with slaaaaashtastic magnets. XD And fun ones, too, though I can't remember any sayings off the top of my head at the moment.

His mum picked us up by the amtrak station, we got back just in time to switch cars and jump into his abuela's with Gloria and Vicki, to head to the roller rink. Now that was fun. I haven't skated with the two-by-two skates in such a long time, it was marvelous. Woot muscle memory. Sad how all the kids were going for the blades, since the old-style skates were free with admission, and you had to pay extra for the cool blades. Whatever. Twas fun, though the music was silly and the pizza was just plain bad. :P E took a while to get back in the skating groove, but we both had a good time. Heh, once I got off the rink, started walking, and the front wheels just came off! I had to get another pair, while the folk at the counter teased me like hell. :P Came back still earlyish and hungry-ish, so at some leftover mole. Yum. Though I did still miss eating vegetables. ^^;;; But the fruit, glorious. ^^

Last day was utterly lazy. Took care of computer stuff so I could fix my comp and the home comp, and got Alice from 'm. Whee! (though, Esteban, if you're reading this, I don't think the install worked quite right, I'll have to try again since when I try to play it it asks me to insert another CD, and doesn't accept the burnt ones and closes again. Meh.) Dinner was at this Mexican place in Old Town, it has a beer of the month. *snerk* Had carnitas with tortillas, and a plate full of veggies to put in them, hehe. Yah, i'm obsessed. Had a fun talk and eat, watching the siblings interact with each other and all. ^^

thursday morning got up early to go to the station, since everyone else had to get to Gloria's school early for her promotion from eighth grade. I really like E's sisters, so I do hope to visit again someday. oh, and E of course. *snerk* Missed the early train, but since that was just a hopeful it was okay. Bit of panic anyhow, but it worked out. I took a nap in the station and knocked over my orange juice though. ^^;;; Ride back was uneventful, amd had lots of munchies. ^_^ So, I go back to Claremont August 20th, or thereabouts....

Aaargh. This is my blog, and I feel like ranting in it for a while. Dunno how to properly transcribe Cantonese, so whatever.

AAAARGH. You sihou ngo ga yun zun hei hou fan ah. -_- Ngo ngoi ngo ge popo, gonggong, danhei....rargh. Yut hoi hou zou duk djui yun. You sihou ngo mow banfat sow duk. Ngo yiwei ngo hoyi zum...mlei kuedei gong mutyeh, danhei gumyut...zun hei hou lan. Mzi dimgai. Yiqian houqi kuedei mow yiga gum...shuin? fu? Wakzeh hei yunwei ngo yiga duodi hei ngokei, suoyi ngo hoyi taidou. Aiiii. Kuedei zidou ngo you yuetnam, alaibak, muksaeigoh pungyou ga, hou duo djong yun, danhei kuedei dou sengyut duk djui mhei jongguok yun di yun. Gao ngo...I just want to scream, sometimes. MEH. Eh. Shuinsow lah, ngo yew hei lidow dju le. Zigei yiging kuetding ngo butyip gohsi wui fanlei ngook kei dju, boong ah mama. She SO needs the intelligent conversations and someone that SHE can rant to, instead of holding it all in to keep everything going. It's wearing on her so much, so I know this is one of the only ways I can help her. Ngo kuetding, danhei yiga...*sighs* ah well. Que sera, sera. 'm like water, yo. Just need to keep on telling myself that...

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